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Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, they often resemble los angeles. and with as many as 48,000 new jobs on the way, streets and freeways could turn into parking lots. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the ideas being kicked around to prevent that gridlock. >> i don't even take the freeway anymore because it's so bad. >> yeah, mostly ride to work, there's a lot of bad traffic. >> it's pretty ugly stop and go traffic. actually it's a hell of a lot more stops than go in a lot of cases. >>> reporter: they are talking about getting to work in mountain view's north shore line area. the home turf of google and other fast growing high-tech companies wedged between the bay and 101 with only two roads into the area, it's now stacking up as one of the worst commutes in silicon valley. city council member laura masias says it could be getting worse. >> we could expect as many as 30,000 more people. that has not been approved so we need to plan for it carefully. >> reporter: that would nearly double the number now work in the area. >> i commute 7 miles and it takes me 30 to 35 minutes to get here. >> reporter: but window installer bill parks
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
,500 miles an hour in space going through the streets of los angeles at 2 miles an hour. so far, so good for an event that is not described as a once- in-a-lifetime event but, rather, a once event. back here live on manchester if you are not familiar with the city of los angeles, we're not far from the forum. i'll step out of the way for a couple of seconds and let you take a close-up look at endeavour middle of manchester boulevard, a very busy thoroughfare here in the city of los angeles. they are now making the transfer from the transport to a -- to a smaller transport and it's going to go across the bridge and continue its journey tomorrow. i was wondering, do you think that this baby could have any way, anyhow, gone through the streets of san francisco? i'd love to see it go down lombard. >> i was going to say the twisty part of lombard? [ laughter ] >> we thought it would go overhead but you got the best close-up view. i guess after this dave, how long before people are going to get to see it on display? this is a great thing today. >> reporter: it will be on display open to the pu
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in on $4.45. if it's any relief, we are seeing the highest price in the los angeles area, the highest average price in california history $4.61 back in 2008. we make it easy for you to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. go to enter your zip code and get the best local prices. >>> the traffic is going to be gridlocked this weekend. the one thing you should do before you head out on the roads. >> it is rush hour over the bay area as a strong onshore flow is bringing in that marine layer once again. guess what it's going to get stronger as we head toward the weekend. so many events going on. what's the weather looking like? there is a chance of rain in the extended forecast. let you know when coming up. >> patients treating back pain now at risk for meningitis. the tainted steroid that's made its way to california. and the symptoms of this rare fungal meningitis. ,,,,,, ra >>> tonight investigators are warning hundreds if not thousands of patients could be at risk for a rare meningitis infection. the culprit, a tainted steroid drug often used to alleviate lower ba
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. on the september 2 he is accused of shooting a los angeles county sheriff's deputy after they exchanged gunfire in el monte. the injured deputy tried to stop the pair in a car he described as suspicious. the same man and woman are suspected possibly in the stabbing death of ko at her home friday night something investigators are looking into to. detectives in hercules in southern california are going to be talking to figure out if the pair is also accused in a robbery and carjacking, as well. live in hercules, sharon chin, cbs 5. >>> breaking news out of the east bay. west oakland specifically. police are chasing that man, that suspect on an atv, a four wheeler. this apparently started west of the coliseum. we don't know why police are trying to chase him down. but again, police are not far behind him. this is in west oakland. we have chopper 5 over it as you saw. we'll get our picture back and get you updates as soon as we get them. >>> well, a little good news. california gas prices leveled out. but there's new information that could keep the volatility going for months. it's coming straight
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. andrea chang is a technology reporter for the "los angeles times" and says there's a reason behind apple's back-to-back announcements. >> a lot of it is because the holiday season is coming up and for any retailer anyone who sells products you want to get in before the november period starts. >> reporter: apple has already sold 100 million ipads since their debut two years ago. the company hopes when it goes on sale that number will multiply. bigad shaban cbs 5. >> a new mall in the tri-valley area set to open in time for the holiday shopping season. and they are looking for workers. hundreds showed up for a job fair today in livermore. the new paragon out let's will feature 120 designer shops. the second of two job fairs held at the mall of. >> i walked in with resumes. i walk out with two job offers. >> the center is settle to open november 8. >>> it's the hottest ticket in town and there are still seats available to see the world series but cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us fans need to shop carefully and be prepared. >> reporter: as of this morning, there were more th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5